2021 Word of the Year

Jan 1st 2021

2021 Word of the Year

My word for 2021 is MORE. Ok, so it’s not a typical “word of the year” but it sums up my goals, dreams and expectations for 2021.

A couple of year ago I started a new chapter. It wasn’t by choice and it was a chapter full of loss, uncertainty and a whole lot of being still. I was completely broken – unable to move, talk, eat, see or breathe normally.

I can finally say that I am on the other side of that now. I’ve started a new chapter and in this part of my story I want more. More movement, more food, more meaning and more strength. I want more opportunities to share my story and my voice. I want to help more people. I want to see more, experience more and give more. 

I’ve fought my way back, survived the unimaginable and in 2021 I plan to be more myself than I’ve ever been.