When you look around, do you feel like everyone else is happier than you are? Do you think, “Is this all my life is? What’s my true purpose?”


You may be thinking this whether you’re a stay-at-home mom ready for change or a professional at a crossroads -- we all reach these plateaus in our lives. We feel stuck, so we shrink back and ponder, “Is there more?” We see everyone else (or so it seems) getting “that job” or having amazing vacations. Suddenly, all our treasures and achievements get smaller in comparison. 


Comparison is a happiness-stealer. What other happiness-stealers are lurking in your life? I’m sure you know that in order to move forward, to find more balance and purpose, something has to change. 


Your life can be richer, more satisfying, and more harmonious -- but in reality, your circumstances are only one part of the equation. You need perspective. Truth bombs. Discoveries. Break-throughs. Exercises to apply new knowledge.


You need more than just a change -- you need a coach. 


My name is Dominique Seitz, and I help people embrace powerful, healthy changes so they can live their best lives possible.


If you’ve been wondering if there’s MORE… there is.


If you’ve been spinning your wheels… you can start gaining traction.


If you’ve been dealing with a lack of contentment… you’ll be SHOCKED at what you’re missing.


My experience on life’s “hamster wheel” has given me some valuable lessons that you can learn without having to endure the same ups and downs. I’ve been married for 20+ years and have one wonderful son. My husband and I have built a few businesses together -- but for a long time, it was difficult for me to find my place.


For years, I chased money, titles and dreams that really weren’t mine. The thrill that came from climbing the ladder and moving on to the next step never seemed to be enough. I began to notice that so many people around me -- ambitious, successful people -- were unhappy, unfulfilled, and downright defeated. 


One day I realized I was one of them. 


From that point on, I started studying people and what made them healthy and happy. I started to learn that each of the satisfied individuals I talked to had a unique purpose. I realized that I had never really understood my purpose. 


I wanted to make money, get ahead, learn more, do more… but I never stopped to think about why. I made all those other things my purpose, and by doing so, I lost myself. 


After a couple years of working to break down my bad beliefs, misconceptions, labels, and lies, I began to heal. It took time to view my life through an unfiltered lens, but once I did, I recognized that my calling was to help and serve others. My capabilities and experience have prepared me to coach others on their own intentional journey to personal fulfillment.


That’s the opportunity I’m offering you today.


Are you ready to thrive? Would you like to recapture your confidence, plant a stake of purpose, and change your world?


If the answer is YES… let’s get started.


Together we can lay the foundation for change… and you can discover a life you may never have imagined possible.



Dominique Seitz 

Life Coach & Professional Champion of YOU