Is your business equipped for the changes you are currently facing?

Whether you are getting started, scaling, transforming your business or trying to attempt re-entry after COVID, you need to know how to make change happen in a healthy sustainable way. We understand how to navigate change and how to get things done.
Success can be achieved
without sacrificing the well-being of your team.

We live in a fast paced ever changing world. Learning to master change, connect the dots and become more resilient is a must these days.

If you feel like you are reacting to change more than leading and you are ready to do something about it, you’re in the right place. We help leaders understand where they are and where they want to be.  After you get clear about these two points, we help you reverse engineer the process to make it happen.  With checkpoints and measures defined that allow for flexibility along the way, you’ll have the power to choose better as you learn more.

Our holistic and innovative approach to change and transformation begins with clarity and has just the right amount of structure and flexibility to create momentum and get things done while staying true to your values and mission.

Culture is the personality of the organization. It can determine how people feel about and interact with the organization. It holds the power to create toxicity and trauma or positivity and happiness – and everything in between.  This impact extends beyond the employees to their families, friends and community.  YES, your business is that powerful!

A healthy culture plays a critical role in the future proofing of your organization and also in the well-being of the people that interact with it. We offer a culture well-check, leadership training/coaching, common language assessment and career expectations program to help leaders create and maintain a healthy culture.

The Happiness Algorithm identifies key data points that impact the happiness of employees and health of the business.  By identifying data points that can be measured and connected to the vision for success of the organization, you no longer have to choose between ROI and employee well-being.  

This unique approach to happiness in the workplace has a 7 step framework that creates success while increasing happiness and well-being. There truly is a way to have your cake and eat it too.