About Dominique

Hello, I'm Dominique.
Coach, Consultant and Transformation Badass.

I specialize in helping people get clear about what they want and create a plan to make it happen. My approach to change comes from a deep rooted belief that life is good.  Combining that belief with years of experience successfully driving change through large scale tech projects without sacrificing culture or employee well-being and you get the transformation badass you see before you.  I work with organizations and individuals to inspire curiosity, master change and thrive outside their comfort zone.  

With a background in tech and leadership I’ve developed tools to normalize change, harmonize the work life experience and bring happiness into the equation of success.

I’ve experienced the freedom that comes with positive change. I’ve choreographed the dance between purpose, values and work.  I know how it feels to come alive when aligned with true self. Now I get to help others do the same.

I believe everyone deserves to be happy – even at work.  

Happier people are...well, happier people.
It’s that simple.

I am known around my house as the crazy chicken lady and that’s a title I can embrace.

Living a life that reflects the beautiful crazy unique person you are is a good thing – for you, your family, the people you work with and pretty much everyone on this earth.

We all need to see you living your best life. Why? Because it’s contagious. Because it’s good for business. Because it improves your well-being. Because it give others hope. Because...

So, be your happy self, my friend. Don’t waste a minute of this crazy adventure called life.

"Find out who you are and do it on purpose."

~ Dolly Parton

Why work with me?

Do you think, “Is there more to life than this? What’s my true purpose?”
When you look around, do you feel like everyone else is happier and more successful than you are?

We all reach these plateaus in our lives. We feel stuck, so we shrink back and ponder, “Is there more?” We see everyone else (or so it seems) getting what they want and living the good life. Suddenly, all our treasures and achievements get smaller in comparison.

Comparison is a happiness-stealer. What other happiness-stealers are lurking in your life? I’m sure you know that in order to move forward, to find more harmony, happy and purpose, something has to change.

Your life can be richer, happier, and more satisfying -- but in reality, your circumstances are only one part of the equation. You need perspective. Truth bombs. Discoveries. Break-throughs. Ways to apply new knowledge.

You need more than just a change -- you need a transformation badass.

     If you’ve been wondering if there’s MORE… there is.

     If you’ve been spinning your wheels… you can start gaining traction.

     If you’ve been dealing with a lack of contentment… you’ll be SHOCKED at what you’re missing.

For years, I chased money, titles and dreams that really weren’t mine. The thrill that came from climbing the ladder and moving on to the next step never seemed to be enough. I began to notice that so many people around me -- ambitious, successful people -- were unhappy, unfulfilled, and downright defeated.

One day I realized I was one of them.

I wanted to make money, get ahead, learn more, do more… but I never stopped to think about why. I made all those other things my purpose, and by doing so, I lost myself.

Through working to release limiting beliefs, misconceptions, labels, and lies, I started to heal. It took time to change my mindset and view my life through an unfiltered lens, but once I did, I found a whole new world that had been waiting for me. My strengths and experience have prepared me to help others on their own intentional journey to personal fulfillment.

That’s the opportunity I’m offering you today.

Are you ready to thrive? Would you like to plant a stake of purpose, unleash your best life and change your world?

If the answer is YES… let’s get started.

Together we can lay the foundation for change… and you can discover a life you may never have imagined possible.