About Dominique

Hello, I'm Dominique Seitz.

Wholebeing Coach


For years I made life harder than it needed to be.  I made unhealthy choices that created bad habits. Fueled by stress and driven by a “what’s next” mindset, I slowly became someone I didn’t know or even like. If you are frustrated with the life you’ve created, know this – YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE YOUR WORLD.  Really!  You are one choice away from a different life.


My approach to change comes from a deep rooted belief that life is good. Combining that belief with years of experience successfully leading change and you get the transformation badass you see before you.  I work with organizations, entrepreneurs and individuals to inspire curiosity, master change, thrive outside their comfort zone and find happiness along the journey.


Whether it’s home life, work life, spiritual life...it’s really all LIFE. Your life! Through some hard lessons and a life threatening illness I learned how to start living my life my way, as my true self. It took work, self-awareness, clarity, change and a whole lotta love. I’ve learned so much on this journey and I know how it feels to come alive when aligned with true self. Now I get to help others do the same.

I believe everyone deserves to be happy – even at work.  

Happier people are...well, happier people.
It’s that simple.

I am known around my house as the crazy chicken lady and that’s a title I can embrace.

Living a life that reflects the beautiful crazy unique person you are is a good thing – for you, your family, the people you work with and pretty much everyone on this earth.

We all need to see you living your best life. Why? Because it’s contagious. Because it’s good for business. Because it improves your well-being. Because it gives others hope. Because...

So, be your happy self my friend. Don’t waste a minute of this crazy adventure called life.

"Find out who you are and do it on purpose."

~ Dolly Parton

More About My Healing Journey

A  few years ago my life changed forever. I noticed significant health changes beginning with difficulty swallowing.  Dropping weight, becoming sensitive or allergic to almost everything, extreme fatigue, imbalance, heart issues, neuropathy and many other unpleasant symptoms became my reality. Doctor after doctor, test after test and no clear answers.  Within in a few months I weighed less than 80 pounds, I couldn’t do basic day to day activities and there was no hope in sight. I was eventually diagnosed with a few “disorders” all of which had no cure and limited treatment.  I was fighting for my life, moment to moment. 


One day, a doctor that I had been working with explained that we had exhausted all treatment.  There were no more options, my health was declining and there wasn’t a next step forward.  I was at rock bottom.  I thought I had been at rock bottom before, but this was different and I was terrified. Facing a slow and agonizing death I turned to alternative medicine.  


As I entered the world of alternative healthcare I did so with a cautious and prayerful heart.  I was allergic to supplements, tinctures and most foods (even some water) so we decided to work with energy healing.  At first I wasn’t sure what to expect but then it became very familiar to me, as if I had done this before.


Along with this work, God was also leading me to learn about neuroscience and quantum science.  I was studying and getting to know my body and how and why it was created.  Day in and day out I was learning new and recalling what I had known before but turned away from. Coming home to self was a big part of my healing journey.  I connected with myself and God differently.  My life changed, my health changed and my existence changed.  


There’s a lot more to my story but regardless of the ups and many downs I got better and stronger and more like myself.  Making sustainable progress took caring for my whole self, the physical, mental, spiritual...every part.