Finding Values Assessment

Your Values Serve as Guideposts Directing Your Journey.

Are You Sure You Know What They Are
Do you Know How To Use the Power That Comes With Finding Your Values?

Get the Clarity You Need to Start...Your Journey...Your Transformation...Your Next Chapter in This Crazy Adventure Called Life.

If you're at a crossroads in your life and you need some direction, your values can help. To move forward, you need to get clear about what is important to you. Not just the words that label what is important but really get clear about the meaning behind those words. That’s information you can use to create the life you want. Discover the deep-seated values that come from within and learn how to use this information to serve as a compass to your true north.

Your journey to a life of purpose can begin right now with the FINDING VALUES Assessment.

What You’ll Discover Through the

The FINDING VALUES Assessment is designed to help you unearth your unique core values — the ones that drive your emotions, beliefs, mindset, and behaviors. You’re finally going to have the tools you need to take an honest look at yourself and have breakthrough moments that will put you on the path to the life you want to create.

In just an hour, you’ll have the clarity you need to start making actual progress toward what matters most to you in life!

A combination of an on-demand course and a one-on-one clarity session with a trained Designing The Journey Coach® is the perfect blend of self-discovery mixed with just the right amount of guidance to help you create clarity.

Discovering your values through this assessment will...
• Spark your imagination about what’s possible in your life
• Learn information to help identify opportunities and distractions
• Awaken a renewed sense of passion and motivation for what matters most to you

Don’t waste another day chasing someone else’s opportunity. Break free from feeling stuck and frustrated. Take this assessment today and begin your journey of alignment and purpose!