Receiving Gratitude

Nov 24th 2021

Receiving Gratitude

How do you receive gratitude?

Receiving gratitude is like receiving a thoughtful gift. You are being seen, acknowledged and appreciated. It’s a good thing. So why is uncomfortable at times?

Let’s take a look at 2 ways we often block the full blessing of gratitude.

The redirect. Taking the attention off of yourself and redirecting it somewhere else.

  • Thanks, but John did so much better than me.
  • Oh, it’s really your leadership skills that made it happen.
  • I’m just thankful the weather was nice.

The discount. This is when we minimize, over explain or reject.

  • Thanks, but it’s just part of my job.
  • I really didn’t do much.
  • There was so much going on behind the scenes. The caterer didn’t show up on time, the food was cold once it got here and I thought the event was horrible, but I’m glad you enjoyed.

Think about how you receive gratitude. Do you accept it confidently and gracefully or do you redirect or discount? Does it make you feel uncomfortable? If so, why? 

Allow yourself to experience the positivity of the gratitude being given. Not only do you benefit from it but you share that feel good moment with the giver.