Expressing Gratitude

Nov 21st 2021

Expressing Gratitude

How do you express your gratitude?

It feels good to share gratitude with others. When called to, how do you let someone know that you are grateful for them? Are you a hugger? Do you write notes expressing how you feel? Are you more comfortable speaking or even singing?

I’ve never considered myself a hugger but after doing this exercise I noticed that when I have a deep sense of gratitude, I like to hug. It happens automatically with people and animals I’m close to (Yep. I hug my dogs). I also like to smile, give gifts and verbally explain why I am grateful. I rarely send Thank You cards. This explains why I have boxes of blank Thank You notes that are so old the glue on the envelopes won’t even seal.

Whatever you do, recognize it. In doing so you’ll become more aware of those moments when you automatically react. You’ll create the opportunity to savor the moment a little longer and recall it when you’re looking for something good to focus on.