Want to quit your job?

Jul 12th 2021

Want to quit your job?

‘Tis the season for job changes. With all the talk about remote, hybrid and returning to the office mixed with the raw state of emotion a lot of folks have been experiencing this past year and you have a recipe for seeking change. But before you pen that resignation letter, take some time to understand what you want to change and why. Your future self will thank you!!!

Understand why

Why do you want to leave your job?
Unhappy – why?
Overlooked – why?
Underpaid – why?

Taking a little time to understand why you want to leave this job will help you make better choices.

Be honest with yourself

Are you craving something different and changing jobs is the easiest change to make?
Is this you self-sabotaging yourself?
Is the reason you’re leaving this job the same reason you’ve left previous job(s)?

Take this nudge to change as an opportunity to get to know yourself, break a pattern or two and set yourself up for success. Getting honest with yourself may not be easy but it will be worth it.

Know your values

Values serve as a guide. They give you insight into what works well in your life and what doesn’t. They help you separate opportunities from distractions. Your values are unique to you. The words, the meaning, the feelings...all unique to you.

When you are aligned with your values things tend to flow. When you are misaligned things may feel difficult, forced or a bit “off”. It happens and it’s an opportunity for growth and learning. Discovering a misalignment of values in your life puts you in the driver’s seat – aware and ready to choose your next move.

Sometimes quitting your job is the action you need to take and sometimes it’s not. Maybe, just maybe, there is a part of your subconscious helping you along, guiding you to look for more information and a deeper understanding of self. And then again, maybe it’s simply time to move on. The beautiful thing about your decision is it’s yours to make.