Kindness Heals

Jan 19th 2020

Kindness Heals

What if I told you that you have the power to heal? Would you believe me? Well, you should. We are powerful beings. We are created in God’s image, so yeah we are powerful.

When you hear the word healer you may think doctor. Maybe you think about that slightly odd aunt you had that swore Epsom Salt was the be all cure all. Maybe you actually feel a little uncomfortable. I mean, isn’t healing God’s job? Depending on who you are, what your experiences have been and what you learned, especially as a child, your lens to the ability to heal may be foggy.

There’s nothing magical about it. It’s not complicated or expensive. It’s simple. Kindness. Yes kindness! That kind heart that lives in you is powerful. 

I have a chronic illness and I’ve spent many an hour researching, praying, journaling and seeking out healing. There are a few things that helped me feel better and a lot that didn’t. Kindness was consistently the medicine I needed. A simple text to say Hi and that I had been prayed for. Groceries dropped off at my house. A hug. A smile. A card. A clean house. A moment of silence shared with tears running down our cheeks. In those moments I connected not only with you but with the kindness God created in you. In those moments, I received strength from the pure kindness being shared, knowing not one thing was expected of me in return.

It’s a beautiful thing to experience the kindness in another person. Am I 100% healed? Nope but I am 100% sure that the progress I have made is because of the kindness shared by those around me.

Embrace your healing power and let the kindness flow!