Happiness is important to you and your health. It’s also important to your family, friends, workplace and people you interact with.

I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of comments as well as tips and tricks over the years about happiness. Advice and quotes on happiness are easy to find, but does that help you find happy? Probably not.  


The truth is that your happiness is as unique as you are.


Happiness really starts with you. 

When you identify what makes you happy, take charge of your thoughts and habits and make changes to align with happiness – that’s when you find happy. 

I believe each person deserves to experience a happy life. That’s why I developed the Finding Happy Program.  I know the importance of happiness, I’ve lived it. 

The classes, workshops and coaching are designed to help you find happy.  Together, we will cut through all the noise and take a journey in self-discovery that helps you: 

  • Identify what makes you happy.
  • Debunk happiness myths and identify what is in your way.
  • Learn to let go of what no longer serves you.
  • Create happy habits.
  • Experience more happy. 



Are you ready to FIND HAPPY?

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