Finding Values Workshop

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Finding Values





What are values?

Values are a collection of words that describe what is important to you.


Taking it a step deeper, values are unique to you and help you understand how to show up as your best self, recognize opportunities and improve the overall harmony in your life.


              Seriously, who couldn’t use more harmony in their life?


The Finding Values Workshop is a journey in self-discovery, filled with exercises, stories and aha moments that will help you identify your unique values and understand what to do with this information.




Here's what people are saying:

Learning my values has been a huge time saver for me. Now I know what to say yes to and why.

                                                                                                                S.C. – Entrepreneur


Understanding my top 5 values has helped me work on areas in my life that drained me. I feel like I have more energy and clarity now.

                                                                                                 D.R. – IT


Knowing more about myself and what truly drives me has helped me make better decisions. I have more clarity and confidence.

                                                                                                      J.M. - Sales