Finding Happy Workshop

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Next Workshop Date:
Wednesday January 5th 12 to 1 pm CST

What does your happy self look like?

Are you chilling on the beach... helping others in need... accomplishing something everyone said couldn't be done... What makes you happy?

Happiness is as unique as you are. A happy life isn't one size fits all. So stop treating it that way. Change habits. Stop searching and start living.

In this program you’ll learn
       The top 3 happiness stealers
       The connection between habits and happiness
       How to Find Happy

There is great power that comes with being happy, for you and those around you. The world is a better place when you are happy.


How long is the workshop? 60 minutes
Where is the workshop? All workshops are online using Zoom.
Who is this workshop for? Everyone.

Product Overview

The Finding Happy Workshop gets you started on your path to HAPPY. 

It's not a positivity and gratitude brainwashing session.  We talk about real life happiness here...YOUR HAPPINESS.  The good, the bad and the ugly...all of it.  What gets in your way.  What you want and feel you deserve.  We even talk a little brain science to help you get to know your brain on happiness.  

So, if you want to create more happiness in your life, YOU'RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE.