If life were a sport...

… would you be winning?... feeling defeated?... chasing points? 

...on the bench?


Nobody wins all the time. Some days we feel like we’re on top of the world, and other days we just want to quit. During the times we feel defeated, it can be exhausting to keep showing up on the field and getting the same dismal results over and over. You can give yourself pep talks all day… you can “will” yourself into action… but when satisfaction still eludes you, you start to think there’s something fundamentally wrong with YOU… and you just feel worse.


Don’t you think it’s strange that after years of having teachers in school, coaches in sports, and mentors at work, that we think we should be able to go our whole lives without having a guide in these situations?

We’re all still learning. We’re all still growing. If you want to get any better -- just like if you were out on the field trying to score goals -- why wouldn’t you need a coach?


We have a misconception that getting a counselor means we have a “real” problem (spoiler alert, everyone has real problems!)… or that getting training means we weren’t smart enough to figure something out on our own. 

But you know from experience that the opposite is true: Successful people ask for help from experts in order to become MORE successful -- to become better versions of themselves. 


They know they don’t have the time or capacity to be experts in everything… so they use their resources to bring in someone who can help them excel faster than they ever could on their own.


This is the reason why I offer coaching. None of us were meant to go through life alone, spinning our wheels and wondering “why we can’t change.” If you’ve tried and tried to be happier, to make your life different, or to pivot into something new, but haven’t succeeded -- chances are you could simply use a helping hand and some new information. 


I want to provide that to you. If you’ve been stuck, whether you’re a professional seeking purpose or a stay-at-home mom ready for a change, I believe I can help you achieve the breakthrough you’re looking for. 

I can help you find your purpose and experience greater fulfillment and satisfaction in your life. When you embrace a series of healthy changes -- mentally, emotionally, and spiritually -- you will discover how much better your life can be. 


Are you ready to go on this journey together? 


If you’re interested in my coaching program, please get in touch with me today at It starts with a FREE consultation so you can know exactly what you’d be getting into before we get started.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s talk!


You can feel victorious again. You can feel excited and hopeful about your life again. I know it because I’ve been where you are -- and I know what it takes to get where you want to be.

I look forward to speaking with you!


Dominique Seitz

Life Coach & Professional Champion of YOU



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